A new generation of foundation models from first principles.

Seed Round Announcement

We raised $37.6M in seed capital in November 2023.

Liquid AI is excited to unveil the company to the world and announce that we raised $37.6M in seed capital, led by OSS Capital and PagsGroup (Steve Pagliuca, Chairman & CEO of PagsGroup).

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Spun out of MIT CSAIL, four founders - Ramin Hasani, Mathias Lechner, Alexander Amini, and Daniela Rus, started Liquid AI with the mission of building state-of-the-art, general-purpose AI systems that are capable, efficient, highly aligned, and trustworthy. Connect with us if you are a mathematician, physicist, neuroscientist, computer scientist, or engineer with the ambition to build truly intelligent systems for humanity.

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